I purchased a single camera RV system from them in January of 2014 at the quartzite RV show in Quartzite AZ. The 2 sales guys that were their were very knowledgeable and I even became friendly with this one guy that had a benign German accent, I came to their booth multiple times a day and asked them 50000 questions to the point that my wife said that I was driving them nuts but they were always very friendly and would take their time showing me everything. By the end of the show I purchased the system and I felt confident setting it up on my own, My German buddy even threw in a FREE cigarette adaptor. 5 month after the show my system is still working strong and I decided to write the review because yesterday I called their support team in Los Angeles because I broke my antenna on my transmitter by accident and though I offered to pay the crew in LA send it to me PRIORITY for FREE!

It one thing to be nice to someone, to close a sale at a tradeshow its another, to send me free replacement parts months after the show is over, for free.

Well done Tadibrothers, well done


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