Purchased this unit and installed on my 32' Camper travel trailer. Reception is a 7 out of 10.

Probably need to make sure that the camera transmitter in in the rear window. Also, had a professional install and took about 3 hours. While fairly straight forward you do have to do a lot of work in the dead air space in the back of the trailer where the camera is mounted. Since the camera was on the outside we had to run a cable to the inside for the transmitter and it was too short, so buy the extended one.

However, be sure that all the fittings match up. Mine didn't. Nice people and a nice unit but not sure that the 65' range is best for anything too long. Mine is only 45' from the monitor to the rear camera and it is still not crystal clear all the time.

I did contact tech support a few times and they were WONDERFUL to work with.

In addition, I did contact sales to give them my input before I wrote a review but they were not real interested in hearing it. Bruce in Nebraska


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