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We sent out the cameras and helped him along the way. One package was lost in transmit but we will always give a refund if the customer wants, we gave him a lot of upgrades free because of a shipment mishap with UPS. This is rare and we are always here to help

Ordered on 6/10/13.

Charged my credit card the same day.

Email sent to me on 6/11/13 saying they had shipped my product. Cool!

Started calling customer service 6/20/13. Left messages, no calls back.

6/21/13 spoke with customer service.

Cameras are on back order. I would receive them 6/26/13. Told them this was unacceptable but I could still get them in for my trip on 7/2/13.

6/26/13 no cameras.

6/27/13 called customer service again. They said my cameras would arrive 7/1/13. We will see if they show up since I couldn't get a tracking number. Unacceptable! You should have overnight-ed them knowing that I needed them! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told he would need to call me back due to he was out at lunch. Never called me back.

Do not buy from this company is the bottom line!

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