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After almost 1 year after purchase we were happy to help the customer. We did not charge him for any extra parts and spent a very long time getting his product to work and making him a happy customer

I am disabled and was slow getting back to tadi bros. After ordering a quality video system from these people (around $1200) I started trying to put this system together.

Although this was about 8 months after the system was purchased, I needed help putting things together. NOTHING MATCHED. I had mismatched parts. The cameras did not match each other.

Some parts were put in boxes from other products. The cameras need 12volt transformers. Included were from 4volt to 12volt on cameras that did match. These people sent JUNK that they had lying around (some had wires to hook them up, some had other wires that fitted nothing, some had nothing).

I did make a lot of calls to these people. The person I would get said I needed to talk to Eddie who wasn't there. After several calls I would get Eddie and he would say I needed to talk to the other person (don't remember his name). Since it took me around 8 months to get started because of my health, I offered to pay for what I needed.

I told them what I needed and they did not call me back or e-mail me. The only reason I would these people a one is if there is no zero.

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